New Mac Pro to rock superfast Intel Gulftown innards?

You're never far from a Mac-based rumour, but one of the more creditable new ones is that the new Mac Pro will get Intel's six-core processor exclusiv

If Hardmac’s sources turn out to be right, that would make the yet-to-be-announced new edition of Apple's beefiest desktop computer the fastest production machine in the world, at least until PC makers are able to get their hands on the Intel 'Gulftown' Xeon CPU.

If you're in the market for a desktop Mac for work or play, this is big news, and not just because you may soon have the opportunity to own a computer that will shut your PC-loving mates up for a few minutes. It's also likely to mean a big drop in price on the existing Mac Pro.

Since most of us don't need to edit hi-def video footage with real-time rendering, that's just as well. Grapevine talk suggests the new machines will launch in January, but there’s the possibility that Apple will try to gazump Windows 7 and launch them later this month.

And if you must have a half-CPU, half-beast in your silver tower, you'll want to snap one up quickly, as the processor is expected to be available on PCs from spring.