New issue of Stuff on sale now!

The new issue of Stuff is now sitting in your local newsagent waiting to be picked up and fondled by your good selves.In the October issue, we’v

In the October issue, we’ve crammed in stacks of great features to stoke the fires of gadgety debate – what are the best 100 games of all time, the planet’s best gadget icons and a round–up of the mobile phones set to kill off digicams for good.

In Hot Stuff, you’ll find splashes on the best new kit, from the Samsung i8510 to the mighty Archos 5g. And as if that wasn’t enough we have an in–depth report on the spanking new Sonos BU150.

So, grab a copy now and remember you can join the debate over on the 100 greatest games over on the forums now. Step to it!