New issue out now!

It's Apple vs Google vs Microsoft - and we've kindly dedicated a different cover to each tech giant

Are you Apple, Google or Microsoft? We ask, you see, because the September issue of Stuff is in shops now, and we have a special cover dedicated to each.

Inside you'll find the battle of the behemoths, in which we've deconstructed their ecosystems to find out just which tech giant is most exciting at the moment. Is it Apple, with the proven might of the iPad, Retina MacBook and iCloud? Or can Windows 8 and the Surface tablets put MS back on top? With Android Jelly Bean, Project Glass and the Nexus 7, Google's looking formidable too.

In truth, they're all pretty great - but there can be only one winner.

Elsewhere we delve into the brave new world of 3D printing, we pitch the Canon EOS 650D, Lytro and Nokia PureView in a three-way future-camera face-off, and we blow our ears off supertesting smart home cinema systems. Oh, and there's the small matter of in-depth tests of both the aforementioned Nexus 7 and Retina MacBook.

Yes, it is one hell of an issue.

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