New iPhone set for faster Wi–Fi and FM transmitter

We've already heard about plans to bring video editing software to the iPhone, but it seems there's going to be plenty more for us to devour come WWDC

9to5Mac has got hold of plans to bring n standard Wi–Fi to the mighty mobile, making speeding around the on–board Safari even quicker when you're in a hotspot.

On top of that there are also suggestions that the phone will also come packing an FM transmitter, doing away with the need for shonky accessories. Admittedly this has been a feature of the iPhone's hottest rivals for some time, and even exists in the Apple cell for use with the Nike+ add–on.

However, enabling this feature to transmit would mean making calls in the car would be easier than ever. Let it receive and you're looking at getting proper turn by turn navigation instructions. Convenient as Apple said it would be bringing full–on satnav to iPhone 3.0.

Add this to plans for a 3.2MP camera and you're looking at a device that will doubtless inspire even more devotion amongst the Apple faithful.