New iPhone to pack touch-sensitive casing?

Sweeping the Apple Tablet rumours to one side for a moment, we've got an iPhone 4 rumour for you fresh from the top of the pile, and we're talking a b

Speaking to Bloomberg, analyst Robert Chen from Goldman Sachs Group Inc reckons the fourth iPhone incarnation will pack a new plastic casing, similar to that used on the Magic Mouse, and could even see touch-sensitive features on the back of the phone.

We'd expect that if true, it's work similar to the new touch-sensitive panel on the back of Motorola's Backflip  (see our hands on pictures and video)- allowing you to scroll through webpages, emails and texts without covering any of the screen.

He also said the camera would be upgraded to 5 megapixels to bring it in line withe Google's Nexus One (check out our hands on pictures), and that he expected the phone to go in to production from April, for a release date in June or July. Plenty more Apple rumours to come, then.


Chen added that the new phone may include an updated version of the iPhone OS to tie in with an App Store overhaul – reportedly delayed because of the tablet.

“Apple’s going to put a lot of innovation, not just on the hardware, but also on the software of the new iPhone,” he said.

What do you think – are you hoping for more from the new iPhone than we saw in the 3G S? What is the iPhone lacking for you? Let us know below.