New iPhone OS but what about a new App Store?

The new iPhone operating system has arrived and among the improvements is the introduction of age ratings for iPhone games.The move allows adult-only

The move allows adult-only games to be released on the App Store and is bound to give iPhone owners an even greater choice of games.

As Shay Casey of H.Grenade, the makers of the rather good iPhone retro shoot 'em up Circuit_Strike.One, puts it: "Until now Grand Theft Auto could not have happened in the App Store...which was too bad considering the amount of 'explicit' tracks available in iTunes."

All this choice, however, brings its own headaches. The more games on offer through the App Store, the harder it is to browse.

This will only add to the pressure on Apple to make the App Store easier to navigate. But there's something oddly appealing about the App Store in its current form. I think it's the jumble sale atmosphere, where browsing becomes almost a game in itself as you hunt for that hidden gem in the piles of the iPhone equivalent of tatty sweaters and broken toasters.

But do the joys of the bargain hunt trump the need for ease of use?