New iPhone – haptic feedback, RFID and fingerprint recognition lined up

It's only been a fortnight since the iPhone 3G S landed in the palms of gadget fanatics. But already plans for the next–gen iPhone are being tou

Unearthed by the Apple obsessives at MacRumors, the plans show a raft of new features. Leading the line is the introduction of haptic feedback, allowing punters to know exactly when they've tinkered with their iPhone.

While haptics is hardly new, Apple's take would include different feedback for different actions. That could mean everything from an iPod–style click wheel to a basic buzz when you enter an app.

The idea is to get you to use your iPhone without looking at it, just as you can with a traditional T9 mobile. Similarly, their plans for fingerprint recognition would let you use different digits to do different things, so you could tap the screen and get it right every time.

An RFID Reader may also be included in future models, as the tech becomes ever more prevalent.

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