New iMac coming next week?

It's barely a month since Apple decided to gift us some new MacBooks and MacBook Pros in time for Christmas. But now, with every major iProduct seemin

According to the fellas at ElectricPig and Fudzilla, the iMac is in line for an internal overhaul, with bigger hard drives, more memory and souped up optical drives. Seeing as the new model was only unleashed last year and ties up nicely with the new lappies, it's unlikely we'll be seeing a full makeover.

While that may seem implausible, talk of a new Mac Mini is too bizarre. Retailers can't get hold of the current model and Apple could do with giving their elderly cheapo desktop a lick of paint.

The question is, would Apple do it all now in time for Christmas, or wait until January and MacWorld. Any news, we'll be the first to bring it to you.