New iMac and Mac Mini edge closer to reality

Apple may have given Macworld the heave, but there's no way web gossip hounds are going to give up on digging up the hottest rumours ahead of the Appl

Macrumors has uncovered some pretty concrete evidence that Apple is not only planning a new Mac Mini for the January event, but also a new iMac.

Digging around in latest versions of OSX, clever developers have found references to both the Mac Mini 3.1 and iMac 9.1. Current models go by the names of 2.1 and 8.1 respectively. It's suggested that both will come packing the same NVIDIA graphics inside the new MacBook and MacBook Pro.

No other details have surfaced yet, but you can bet that when Phil Schiller hits the stage on 6 January, he'll be bigging up these two new products. We'll be there reporting all the news as it happens.

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