New Humax PVRs tote mammoth capacities

Sky+ has 160GB, Sky HD has 300GB but Humax's latest PVR contribution has a giant 320GB of telly addict storage at its disposal.Replacing the

Replacing the Top 10 featured PVR9200T, the PVR9300T doubles its previous hard disk space to now manage a colossal 200 hours of TV archiving.

So that's two years' worth of Eastenders, or every episode of Lost and 24 ever made. Sounds like a challenge, but if that seems like too much for one sitting then there's the budget PVR9150T with a ‘mere’ 160GB on board.

Buffing their green credentials, the pair boast a sub 1W stand-by mode. Both models also get the same intuitive menu system as the 9200 and features such as split recording to strip the news interruption from films on ITV. Pesky Trevor McDonald.


Humax PVR9150T, PVR9300T

Price: £150, £200

On sale: 1st August

Contact: Humax