New HP Mini Notes are on the way

HP's Mini Note 2133 was built like a tank with its cool to the touch anodised aluminium chassis and spill defeating keyboard but sadly had all the per

Now though, Jerel Chong, HP Australia's Market Development Manager for Notebook PCs, has let slip that an update is on the way that'll likely see its weedy, VIA C7-M processor cast asunder and a meatier Intel Atom restored in its place.

He's also hinted at a lower-cost model that'll lose expensive touches, for which we read the all-metal cladding and shock-proof hard drive, probably to replace them with el-cheapo plastic and a few gigs of Eee-style flash memory.

That should see the price tumble when it goes on sale - sadly we've no word on when that might be.


HP Mini Note 2133 Linux, Vista Business

Price: £360, £410

On sale: Now

Contact: HP