New Grand Theft Auto 5 trailer shows off storyline (and also miniguns)

Rockstar Games ramps up the anticipation ahead of GTA 5's 17 September release date
Grand Theft Auto 5

As anticipation for Grand Theft Auto 5 reaches fever pitch, Rockstar has stoked the fires with one more trailer for the game.

The short but sweet Official Trailer (wait, so the previous four or five weren't official?) shows off more of the game's storyline, and how retired bank robber Michael teams up with repo man Franklin and psychopath Trevor to commit a series of heists.

More importantly, it also shows that we'll get to brandish miniguns.

Los Santos, here we come

While chewing your nails to the quick in anticipation of its 17 September release date, check out the recent gameplay trailer, and GTA Online trailer.

It's perfectly normal to take the day off work to play GTA 5, right? Right? Anyone?