New camera-packing iPod touch coming in spring 2010?

The Apple rumour mill is never quiet for long, and now there's been new whisperings that the iPod touch will receive the camera refresh we expected in

A camera had been top of the speculation pile for the new iPod touch at Apple's iPod event, but it was thought production problems close to launch meant only the new nano was announced as packing a cam.

However, sources of The Examiner are saying that the touch camera is now on its way, but that it will be disappointingly the same as the nano with video capabilities only and no stills action.

It remains to be seen how much truth lies behind this, particularly because Apple has been known to release its iPod refreshes in the autumn rather than the spring.

Then again, if a camera-packed iPod touch was due to be ready in September, perhaps Apple will make an exception to its unwritten rule and release it early.

We'll be keeping you updated, but in the meantime, let us know what you think the the iPod touch getting a camera, and if video or stills are more important to you.

Via: Gizmodo