New budget snappers dropped by Samsung

Not content with releasing the belting, hi–def rocking NV100HD this morning, Samsung has followed it up with a stack of new budget compacts.Alon

Alongside new L series snappers, which come with 10.2MP, 30fps video shooting and a £129 price tag, you’ll find the super affordable S1070 for a mere £99. For a quid shy of a ton, you’ll get the same 10.2MP and ten different scene modes.

Then there’s the revved up new NV9, with the same 10.2MP sensor, but stacks more features including face detection, beauty shot and smile mode, 5x optical zoom and ISO 3200.

It all sounds great, but we have to say we’ve only got eyes for the NV100HD here at Stuff Towers.


New Samsung camera

Price: From £99

On sale: August

Contact: Samsung