New BlackBerry Javelin specs surface

Put aside thoughts of RIM's incoming touchscreen BlackBerry, the much-touted Thunder, for one minute. Specs for the new BlackBerry Curve-replacing cel

First spotted back in January, the new email addiction device is set to get official in 2009. Underneath that full QWERTY board, you'll find a 512MHz processor, 256MB of on-board storage, with an expandable micro SD slot, a 480x360 high res screen and a 3.2MP snapper round the back.

It also rocks the same interface spotted on the BlackBerry Bold, although you'll find no 3G action here. More's the pity. Still, it'll without doubt be one of the smartphones to be seen with in the next year.

We're chasing up our people at RIM for any more deets and you'll know more as soon as we do.