New BBC iPlayer for TV launches

Beeb's ace on-demand site snuggles up to PS3 to talk world domination

BBC iPlayer – at just over three and a half years old – has released a new version of its on-demand player designed specifically for smart TVs. The big screen-friendly web app will be launched on PS3 initially and then rolled out to internet-connected TVs, Blu-ray players, set-top boxes and media streamers soon after. But we all know a standard remote is no mouse replacement, which is why the BBC has made the new iPlayer easy to control with your stock issue channel-hopping stick.

Episodes are bundled to avoid scrolling, you can track back to recently watched programmes and there's search autocomplete. You can even channel hop – sort of – by clicking through relevant and favourite shows while watching something else. Apps for Smart TVs like the Samsung D8000 let you control your TV from your mobile meaning you can use the on-screen keyboard for quicker typing. PS3 users are in on the action today, with other platforms falling in over the next few months.


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