New BBC iPlayer on mobile service unveiled

BBC iPlayer is already well on its way to becoming the dominant force in web TV here in Blighty, thanks to collaborations withe the likes of Virgin, N

Designed to complement rather than replace existing sites for iPhone and N96 users, the new service is set to offer live TV and radio, as well as the usual catch–up bobbins we've become worryingly addicted to.

For now, only Samsung Omnia, Sony Ericsson C905 and Xperia X1 owners will be able to get involved, apparently because, according to the Beeb's Jon Billings, they "...hit our requirements of Wi-Fi and 3G support with great browsing and media playback experience."

However, he's keen to stress that there's no Windows mobile bias going on, despite the Omnia and Xperia both rocking Microsoft's mobile OS. Other mobiles are said to be in line for the same treatment in the New Year.

Having offered a sideloading service for the likes of Archos and Philips, this is another big move for the BBC as it looks to turn iPlayer into the primary way for us to swallow up our spare time with mobile TV.

Will you be downloading the new iPlayer on mobile service? Tell us what you think in the comments section.