New Asus Eee PCs set for September

After its roadmap was unceremoniously leaked earlier this week, Asus has confirmed it will be rolling out is new top–end S series Eee PCs this S

The new wee beasties will launch alongside new, so–called Pro Fashion, models. According to Asus head honcho Jerry Shen, specs will include the likes of 120GB HDDs, 32GB SSDs and dual core Atom processors.

The 32GB SSD model is set to rock an Eee PC 1000–matching 10in screen, 16:9 aspect ratio and battery life up to five hours. Presumably this will be the S101, with the S91 rocking the 8.9in screen found on the classic Eee PC 901. Asus has yet to confirm this, however.

There’s no word on UK prices, although US sources reckon the top notch version will cost $900. So expect it to hit the £500 mark when it hits the UK. That’s certainly not the level of Kerry Katona–esque cheapness we've come to expect from the Taiwanese giants.

We’re digging around for more details, so stay tuned to for more details as we get them.