New Apple TV coming in March with iPad 3?

It looks like Apple's March 7th announcement will be bringing A5X power to a 1080p streaming Apple TV

Murmurs of a new Apple TV have increased to a veritable Gregorian chant as Apple insiders tell 9to5mac that the new TV hardware will be announced with the iPad 3 on March 7th.

The latest incarnation of Apple TV will feature a more powerful A5 dual-core processor known as the A5X, which will finally enable 1080p video streaming from the palm-sized box.

With rumours of Apple iTV coming this year and Apple trying to broker deals with film companies and TV networks – as well as bidding on Premier League coverage – we expect an updated Apple TV that draws in the uninitiated masses is more than likely.

Rather interesting is another product to launch alongside Apple TV and the iPad 3, which is code-named B82. With Bluetooth 4.0 built-into the new Apple TV our fingers are getting very twitchy indeed – could it be a Bluetooth 4.0 remote, or even a game controller?

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