New Apple iPad 3 loses '4G' label

Apple's iTablet gets a name shuffle to reflect its 4G capability. No more confused gadgeteers, we hope

Apple has ditched the 'Wi-Fi and 4G' label from it's data-enabled new iPad 3 model (as reported by 9to5mac) and has rechristened it as the 'Wi-Fi and cellular' version, as a response to complaints from countries including the UK and Australia directed at the misleading '4G' in the new iPad model's name.

Although the new iPad is 4G-LTE capable, it won't be able to make use of the speeds offered by 4G in certain countries including the UK, due to a lack of compatible 4G infrastructure.

Apple has already offered Australian customers refunds over the naming confusion, so here's to hoping this new label will avoid any further purchasing mishaps from any 4G-hopeful gadgeteers.

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