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New Apple iMac release date set for November 30th

Apple's brand new skinny iMac could be on your desk from next week, over a month after its on-stage debut

Apple’s sleek and shiny 80 per cent thinner iMac will be available to snap up from Friday November 30th, dissipating previous rumours of a delayed 2013 release.

The welcome news (which comes straight from the iHorse’s mouth) mentions that the 21.5in iMac can be ordered via Apple’s online store and picked up from the usual resellers, while the larger 27in model will be available to order online only and will begin shipping in December.

Apart from a slimmer profile, the new iMac will also sport a glare-resistant screen, 8GB of RAM, a 1TB HDD, Nvidia-powered graphics and Intel’s core i5 and i7 processors. These specs can of course be tweaked and upgraded depending on your needs and wallet capacity, so hit up the Apple store on Friday and look forward to starting the new year with the thinnest, nippiest iMac to date.

Still not sure? Check out our Apple iMac hands on review to see if we can’t change your mind.

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