New 2012 Apple MacBook Pro range – what to expect

Here's what we think Apple will pack into its next generation of sleek lap-warmers

We expect Apple's MacBook Pro line to get a refresh in April, and with Intel's next-gen chips on the way, rumours of a MacBook Air-like body and a retina display, the new 2012 MacBook Pro range looks set to be the best yet. Here's what we expect to see.

New Apple MacBook Pro 2012 – design

The 2012 Apple MacBook Pros will take design cues from the MacBook Air, according to AppleInsider's source. Expect to see a thin wedge-shaped body and a wave goodbye to the clunky optical drive and HDD. SSDs will become the only option, making blistering speeds and longer battery life the norm for all new MacBook Pro owners.

New Apple MacBook Pro 2012 – faster brain

We expect the new MacBook Pros to pack in Intel's upcoming 22nm Ivy Bridge processors which boast a 20 per cent boost in performance over the current Sandy Bridge chips. Increased power efficiency should also boost battery life.

New Apple MacBook Pro 2012  – retina display

Like the iPad 3, the new line of MacBook Pros could get also a retina display. Previous rumours of a 2880x1800 display have been fluttering around, and (if true) will blow all other laptop screens out of the water. Our eyes can't wait.

New Apple MacBook Pro 2012 – beefier graphics

The increased screen resolution of the 2012 MacBook Pro will need a heavy pixel-pusher, most likely from AMD's HD7700m range of mobile graphics cards, with options for 1-2GB of dedicated video RAM.

Alternatively Apple could jump ship back over to Nvidia, a move supported by the rumours of the Mac Pro range ditching AMD (reported by MIC gadget).

New Apple MacBook Pro 2012 – longer lasting

All that extra space saved by scrapping the HDD and optical drive should mean more room for a bigger battery, resulting in more juice for working and playing on the move. A welcome addition, given the lack of swappable batteries in MacBooks and a godsend for heavy travellers.

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