Never leave the house with Google Plus YouTube parties

A new video-chat, video-creating, video-sharing app for Google's social network – we hope you like videos

Spending the first hour or so trading YouTube videos with your mates is a perfectly acceptable way to start any wild night – but turn up to the party empty-handed enough times and you might find yourself dancing on your own

Now you can recreate that 'bonding experience' online with a YouTube party – bear with us. If you haven't used Google Plus Hangouts before, it's a group video chat feature which supports up to ten live feeds at once and the YouTube app lets you drag and drop videos into a collaborative playlist as long as everyone's running it.

The "push to talk" button makes sure everyone doesn't talk over your no doubt highly educational and world-changing video playlist and, of course, you can quickly share to Google Plus. Just be careful who you invite to the same Hangout, some people just don't click.

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