Netflix HD streaming to Apple iPad 3 in the works

Apple's iPad 3 has been left out of the Netflix HD party but change is in the air…

Netflix may have updated its iOS app to support the iPad 3's gorgeously hi-res Retina Display, but unfortunately the app still only plays back standard definition video – despite being able to play 1080p HD video on its glorious 2048x1536 pixel display.

Netflix upped its highest resolution to 1080p some time ago, providing hi-res eye candy for the likes of the Xbox 360 and the Roku. Netflix also announced high definition 1080p streaming on the newly announced next-gen Apple TV. And while the Netflix app for iOS has added Retina Display support for menus and thumbnails, this doesn't stretch to movies and TV shows just yet.

Talking to Mashable, Netflix Director of Corporate Communications Joris Evers confirmed full HD streaming "is on our roadmap, but I can't share timing at this point."

So, while new iPad owning Netflix subscribers may be feeling a little left out at the moment – they can rest safely in the knowledge that Netflix is working to bring this feature to Apple's most covetable rectangle yet.

While no particular reason has been cited for the HD delay, we have a feeling it could have a lot to do with the cost involved in serving bandwidth-heavy HD videos.

Whatever the outcome, we'll be sure to give you the full low-down as soon as we know more.

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