Netatmo Urban Weather Station launches in the UK

Want to know what the weather’s really like? There’s a computer program designed to run on smartphones for that

Yes, yes, we could look out of the window and see what the weather’s like, but by the same token there’s no need for email or social networks: we could just talk to each other. Netatmo is weather for people who really care about weather – not just those meteorological tourists who are content with the native weather apps and widgets on their phones.

The app requires two “modules” – one for inside and one for outdoors – that report real-time temperature, humidity, air pressure, noise and CO2 levels to the app. It’ll even ping you an alarm when oxygen levels in your room have become perilously low after a marathon gaming sesh.

That may only be helpful on a local level, but you can also opt to share your data with others and help to crowdsource totally accurate hyperlocal weather reporting. Take that, Yahoo! Weather.

The Netatmo Urban Weather Station is £140 and works with iOS and Android devices.

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