Needle free jet injections developed by MIT

Needle haters rejoice, injections soon won't need needles thanks to a jet stream pain free injector invention

The geniuses over at MIT have come up with a high-pressure injection system that can pump drugs into your body without piercing the skin. Needles could soon be a thing of the past – this jet injection device delivers drugs at almost the speed of sound without pain or puncturing.

This is great news for nurses and doctors that risk being stuck by potentially infected needles everyday. It’s also pretty sweet for anybody that faints at the sight of a needle (trypanophobics, fact fans). As well as injecting drugs, it can also remove fluids easily – potentially making blood donation a pain-free process.

It can even make powder medicines behave like liquids by vibrating at supersonic speed – so they can also be jet injected. Check out the video below (and the professor’s great moustache) for full details.

via Engadget

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