Need to know – PS Vita

Sony’s next-gen handheld has dropped its NGP moniker and come to life as the PlayStation Vita. These are its Vita statistics

Sharp shooter

The PS Vita’s 5in screen looks spectacular thanks to a pin-sharp 960x554-pixel resolution. And it’s not lacking in brightness or clarity – the vivid AMOLED display bursts with colour.

Connect two

When the Vita goes on sale at the end of the year it’ll come in two versions, one with Wi-Fi only and the other with a 3G SIM card tucked beneath its shell. Since there are two cameras on board, we hope the connectivity will mean classy, continuous social networking.

Front to back

Touchscreens are common enough these days so the PlayStation Vita goes one better and includes a touch-sensitive back as well. This crazy idea is surprisingly easy to use and works well with the gyroscope and accelerometer which lets you tip the device in six directions as you play.

Play ‘em again

Games include the usual Sony favourite franchises like WipEout, ModNation Racers and Uncharted (which looks amazing in handheld form), plus new titles including Reality Fighter, Super Stardust Delta and, er, Little Deviants. Sega’s Virtua Tennis also looks likely to be a must-have title.

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