Need to know – Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft targets small businesses as it brings Office and its server software into the Cloud

Isn’t Office already available online?

Correct, but only in the form of Office Live that lets you create a document online and share it with your contacts. Google does that too. Office 365 aims to make online services of its behemoth server products like Exchange and Lync, previously only used by big businesses who could afford to run the servers.

Helping the little man

365 lets users have a single shared document in the Cloud which can be edited by others – live – while being hosted by Microsoft. This will afford advanced online conference options to companies who can pay as little as £4 per month for the privilege.

Putting it about a bit

Microsoft isn't holding back on platforms as Word, Excel, Hotmail and PowerPoint all come in online form to the likes of web browsers including Firefox, and mobile platforms: Android, iOS, and RIM.

Mobile smart

One of the best features added to the Cloud version of Word is an ability to take a photo on your mobile and directly drop it into a document. It’s then instantly updated on the versions being viewed by anybody on another platform. A cool trick is the ability to see who is online in your email contacts and instantly launch a conference including them.

And the damage

Yes small businesses will be attracted to the £4 per user per month use of secure online services, but for real options like unlimited storage, Lync messaging and advance archiving, the cost will be between £6 and £17.75 per user per month. Ty it now at Office 365. And here it is all explained in video form.


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