Need to know – iPhone 2011 rumours

An A5 chip, a bigger screen, new cameras, GarageBand, and better battery. Will the iPhone 4S be more of an iPhone 5 than expected?

- iPhone 5 rumour round-up

iPhone 5 or more iPhone 4s?

The latest layer of rumour suggests the new iPhone will be more of a 4S than a 5 release. After Apple shunned NFC our hopes of a ground-breaking handset were crushed. New images of a handset that resembles the iPhone 4 were released and began to lower our expectations. Until we found out this lot…

Incremental changes or new design?

An alleged Apple source says the new iPhone 5 will feature the iPad 2's dual-core A5 chip. Add to that – and the 8MP camera rumour – the photo of a new camera design with a separated flash, and you have the makings of a new looking handset. An edge-to-edge screen and thinner body also look set to be served up if the above photo is accurate. Rumour of a 4in display also suggest a change in looks, although the unibody metal chassis is starting to look less likely.

June or September release?

Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC, starts June 6) would be nice for a launch, but it looks more likely the conference will focus on software offerings, including Mac OS X Lion. We’re betting September will see the new iPhone 5 – just in time for those Christmas sales.

GarageBand for iPhone

After developing the software for iPad 2 it seems pretty likely the iPhone 5 A5 chip will be fed this program too. We spent hours on the iPad 2 version creating electro-bass driven tracks that sound like they belong in Doom. Doing that while driving seems like the next logical step. We jest, of course.

Battery life extension

The A5 dual-core processor will immediately spread the task load and ease pressure on the battery. But if Apple plans to make the phone thinner they will need to upgrade the capacity – perhaps that 4in display will give them a bit of length to hide some more lithium-ion in. Failing that, the old solar panel rumour could still help us use GarageBand all day without seeking out a socket.


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