Need to know – Google Photovine

Click on for the lowdown on the Big G's fledgling social photo sharing service...

Picasa Mk II?

Fret not – Picasa isn’t going anywhere. Photovine is a different site with a different service, although it does involve sharing your snaps with other people.

More streamlined

Photovine is a simple affair with one central idea in mind – snap a photo, create theme, upload it and watch on in wonder as other users contribute to your theme, resulting in your ‘vine’ of photos growing larger.

All aboard

Everyone can create and contribute to photovines as well as leave comments, even if they’re not following you, which appears to be the price we must pay for the hive-mind nature of the service.

Invitation only

The big G is continuing its tradition of invite-only accounts for now, so head on over to Photovine now to register your interest before checking out the video of the site in action below.


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