Need to know – Google Chrome OS

Itching to know why laptops running Google’s Chrome OS will be "disposable"? Read on…

It’s familiar

If you’ve used Google’s Chrome web browser you’ll be familiar with Chrome OS. Absolutely everything is based around a browser window, meaning there’s no complicated file system to get lost in. Want to visit a website or search for something? Just type it into the address bar.

It runs apps, not software

Without a disc drive, to run apps on a Chrome machine you don’t install from a CD; you download from the Web Store. There you’ll find over 2300 web apps that run within the browser window, including TweetDeck, Dropbox, Evernote and Grooveshark for free streaming music.

It’s fast

Without a hard drive or full-fat operating system to warm up, Google Chrome is up and running before you can say: “can anyone remember my Gmail password?” From off it’ll boot up to a webpage in an average of just seven seconds, and from a sleeping state it’s ready to go almost instantly.

It’s always up to date

If Windows’ constant craving for attention gets on your nerves, Chrome will be a breath of fresh binary. It automatically downloads and installs the most current version of the OS and browser, so you won’t be constantly attending to pesky pop-ups.

It’s disposable

You log in to a Chrome computer using Gmail, so if you’ve got other Google accounts it’ll automatically load your content stored in the cloud. That means if you lose or break your laptop, you can get everything back in an instant, or borrow somebody else’s and use it as if it’s your own.


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