Neat new Google Android apps unveiled

We all know HTC’s beavering away on an Android phone. We just don’t know when we’ll be getting to cop a feel.Google, though, is prim

Google, though, is priming itself for release of the open source OS with their very own developer challenge, today unveiling a slew of potential cool apps for what everyone’s still calling the gPhone.

The full list, over on fansite Phandroid, makes for some pretty interesting reading. Beetaun, a geographical social network for your ‘hood and Cooking Capsules, which lets you watch a short burst of cooking activity, gives you the ingredients then pinpoints local stores when you can snag the goods, have both tickled our fancy.

TuneWiki’s definitely our fave though. It’ll ping back lyrics to tracks you’re listening to on your blower. Perfect for a spot of impromptu karaoke to liven up the daily trudge to work.

Check out the list and let us know what you think.