Natural History Museum live streaming Mars landing

Early morning event on 6 August to feature link-up to NASA Control Room as Curiosity touches down

Ever wanted to watch a craft landing on another planet in real time? Of course you blooming have, and now you can, provided you're willing to get up early on 6th August and hotfoot it over to London's Natural History Museum.

The event, which kicks off at 5.30am, will track the landing of NASA's Curiosity Rover, the heaviest and most sophisticated payload ever landed on the Red Planet. There'll be a live webcast of the event with a link to NASA's Control Room in California, plus three former missions scientists on hand to explain exactly what's going on. There'll also be some Mars-related exhibits to peruse.

You can book tickets for the event online here. It's £20 for NHM members, and £22 for everyone else.

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