NASA launches app competition

Bored with making irritating cartoon games? Make an app out of NASA's data, impress astronauts and win prizes

NASA's existing star-gazing apps are impressive enough but now the space junkies want you to harness that data – all 100 terabytes of images, telemetry (fancy measurements) and models – and build some even better mobile and web apps.

You can head over to the NASA Tournament Lab, in association with TopCoder, now to get going with the coding platform for NASA's upcoming competitions. Both end on May 16th, so not long to go, and offer US$7,000 prizes but one is aimed at school kids and the other at teachers as it must include some educational aspect.

The NASA board judging the competition includes scientists, teachers and an astronaut and the final round ends with a US$10,000 prize in June. Our first move would be check out all the data in NASA's gargantuan Planetary Data System.

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