Napster looking to develop iPhone app

No sooner has Spotify announced its plans to develop an iPhone app, than it seems Napster is following hot on its heels with an app of its own.A keen-

A keen-eyed Gizmodo reader noticed a job posted on Craiglist by Napster, looking for a software engineer savvie in "iMac/iPhone OS X Development".

The thing that makes this advert most interesting is that Napster has just launched a Spotify-challenging unlimited streaming service last month, charging just $5 a month for access to 7 million songs, as well as 5 DRM-free songs to download as well. Could the app be an iPhone client for this service?

We're hoping so – and if it is, it will be interesting how it goes up against Spotify's app when it's released. As always, we'll keep you updated.