Napster halves subscription cost, throws in free tracks

Napster is attempting to attract music lovers to its service by halving its subscription price and throwing in some free tracks.Spotify has been the m

Spotify has been the music streaming service grabbing most of the attention of late, and it seems Napster is on a mission to change that – lowering its unlimited streaming service to £5 per month.

Not only is that £5 less per month than Spotify's ad-less music streaming, you'll also get 5 DRM-free tracks to download on to your MP3 player and take it with you wherever  you want.

Before you go running off to sign up though, Napster has made it quite clear it will be distancing itself from Spotify's two other strengths – a mobile app and offline listening.

It will however still run its WAP site for mobiles, that allows you both preview and download music over the air - but there'll be no free streaming as with Spotify's app.

Still, if this sounds like the music streaming service for you the new cheaper subscription option is available now, with a partnership with Dell underway to include the service on new Dell computers for free for a year.

Let us know which you'd opt for and be sure to check out our video hands on and full review of Spotify's mobile app to see what you might be missing out on.