Napster To Go goes flash

The new iRiver T30's ace over the Apple Shuffle and Sony Network Walkmans? It'll play back DRM-ed Napster To Go WMAs, a first for a flash memory player

Sure, iRiver's new T30 doesn't have Shuffle-beating looks to set the world alight. It does, however, warrant an audition to be your new gym buddie.

Why so? Well, there are the colours - the purty lawn green 512MB one and the the rose red 1GB version. Then there's the Napster To Go support, a 20 hour battery life - better than Apple, worse than Sony - and playback for Ogg Vorbis in addition to WMA and MP3s. Oddly enough, the battery's a AAA - good for holidays but annoying for day-to-day use.

The T30 also continues iRiver's fine tradition of feature overkill, squeezing line-in recording and a built-in mic into its Shuffle-sized frame. Oh, and it's got a screen so you don't have to spend five minutes finding a specific track (Shuffle, we're looking at you).

The 1GB's £100, the 512MB's £65. Both go on sale later in this wet and sunny month.