Napster all over your mobile

Leading telecommunications supplier Ericsson (note: not Sony Ericsson) and the Napster we know and love have come together to form a wonderful cross-network mobile phone music service. A Napster-branded phone is surely mere moments away...

Current 3G music services are - how to put this? - limited. Full track downloads are undoubtedly an attractive proposition, but when it's from a selection of approx. seven tracks, all of which are rubbish, it feels more novelty than necessity. Now that Napster's entered the game, things are going to change.

Napster has teamed with Ericsson to provide cross-network mobile access to its massive music catalogue. That's over 1,000,000 tracks you can download while on the beach/train/wherever - when you think about that, it's all quite exciting. The new service will be both PC and phone compatible, so downloaded track sharing between your phone and PC should be dead easy.

Both Napster's subscription and a la carte services will be offered, though compatible mobiles will have to support Napster's strict DRMs before you'll hear owt. Pricing and availability is yet to be finalised.

So, how long till we see a Napster mobile?