Nab a Sony PS Vita for under £200

On the eve of Sony’s handheld console release, the price war has already begun. Any advance on two hundred?

Let price-slashing battle commence. Asda has delivered the first blow to the PS Vita hours before Sony’s handheld console release.

The PS Vita is set to damage mobile console fans’ wallets to the tune of £230 for the Wi-Fi version or £280 for the luxury of 3G. Amazon has already got the Wi-Fi model stickered at £210 while Asda has struck the price-battle winner with a £197 release day price.

So, will the sub £200 price have you bashing trolleys at Asda for your PS Vita? With titles like Unchartered: Golden Abyss and Wipeout 2048 on offer, we’re tempted to join the rabble.

In fact now that Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is coming to the mobile joy-station we’re all but certain we want one. But waiting a little longer might drive the price down even further. Then again, we’ve waited over a year already.

Check out our 5 of the best PS Vita launch games and Sony PlayStation Vita Review to help you decide.

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