N96 heading your way on 31 July

With all this touchscreen malarkey, we’d forgotten that Nokia still hasn’t got around to giving the public their tooled–to–the

According to this page on, the Nokia N96 will be unleashed on the 31 July. We’re awaiting official confirmation of this date, however. The only snag? It’ll cost a frankly obscene £600 without a SIM. Obviously, it’ll come subsidised, but unless you want to be first on the mobile TV and superfast web bandwagon, we suggest you wait.

If you do want to flex your credit card in the midst of impending global economic meltdown though, you’ll get a massive 16GB of internal storage, with card support for another 8GB. Add to that HSDPA and a neat little stand so you can prop it up while watching vids, and you’ve got a winner.

Or, you could wait and get a touchscreen toting Tube? Or switch allegiance to the 3G iPhone? So many options, phone fiends, so many options.


Nokia N96

Price: £600 without SIM

On sale: July 31

Contact: Nokia