N–Gage ‘lock–in’ leaves gamers fuming

Been busy hoovering up N–Gage games for your N81 have you? Then you’ll be interested to hear that all your titles are shackled to your pho

The news, uncovered on an N–Gage fansite, will come as a shock to those who’ve been lashing out around £4 a go every time they want the likes of Fifa 08 and System Rush: Evolution.

Although it’s part of the terms and conditions you sign when loading up your phone with new games, gamers are complaining it’s buried away and not flagged up properly.

Nokia hasn’t commented, but fans are already begging them to change their plans and allow them to transfer material onto new cells when they buy them.

Have you been buying a slew of N–Gage games? What do you think of this latest development? Let us know in the comments section below.