Mysterious new Kodak pocket camcorder coming Thursday

Kodak is set to launch a new mystery product on July 29. No details have been released but it's likely to be a follow up to the Kodak Zx1 pocket camco

The only details we have about this mystery Kodak cam come from a pair of severely bleeped and blurred teaser videos on the firm's 1000words blog.

Now there a few things more frustrating than teaser ads, they're like being poked in the face while someone repeats "I know something you don't know" over and over again. But we have picked up some clues.

The clip (which you can see here) features social-media gadfly Christian Payne (@documentally on Twitter) bleeping and gushing about the Kodak Zx1 replacement.

From what we can make out between bleeps and blurring, the new Kodak will feature removable memory and seriously improved battery life.

You can see the teaser vid on the blogs now. Full details of the new product will be announced next Thursday and we'll have them for you. In the meantime, read our review of the Kodak Zx1.