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MySpace Music streaming service launches in the UK

It launched in the States a while back, but now MySpace Music has finally gone live in the UK, offering up free streaming with no audio ads. Hurrah!We

We’re all familiar with the streaming template now, and similar to We7 and Sky Songs, MySpace Music is browser-based so you won’t need to download an application to get it working.

Streaming is unlimited and you of course get the option to put together your own playlist, or alternatively pick one put together by a whole host of celebrities, from Katie Price to the Pope.

The good thing when you compare it to the likes of Spotify is that there are no audio ads, all of its adverts are display only, which is certainly a lot less intrusive on your music listening.

MySpace has enticed all the major labels on board, as well as some independent labels too, and has linked up with iTunes to offer downloads, similarly to Spotify’s deal with 7Digital.

This is all there is at the moment, so whether can expect more features in a premium subscription version in the future remains to be seen.

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Via: Music Ally