MySpace to launch email service

MySpace may have fallen behind in the social networking states in recent times, but it is planning to get itself back in the game by offering its user

Although, similarly to Facebook, users can currently private message each other, the MySpace webmail will actually provide users with an" address, apparently described as a "logical extension of that relationship".

Interestingly the project is reportedly being run by a "bunch of ex-Hotmail guys", and a soft, low-key launch is now supposedly set for today.

The service has apparently already been made available to some members for testing, with an aim to build it up slowly based on feedback for a full roll out within a few months.

Currently there's no news on if we'll see the service launch in the UK with addresses, or if it will be a US-only perk. We will of course keep you up to date with everything that we hear – let us know if you'd use a MySpace email address below.

Via: PaidContent