MyMobileMusic insures your tunes

[intro]Download to your hard drive’s content, safe in the knowledge that it’ll all be insured if tragedy hits, with MyMobileMusic’s Music Insurance[

Being an MP3 is a fragile existence. While residing in your hard disk home all is fine and dandy. But without a real, touchable, physical form to call your own, what happens if your HDD haven expires? You, dear music lover, wouldn’t be very happy if your record collection spontaneously combusted, would you? Why should you have to deal with the same from your digital tunes?

Well this week The Carphone Warehouse and Virgin teamed up to launch MyMobileMusic, which on the surface appears to be just another iTunes alternative – 2.5 million DRM-protected WMA tracks at 79p each. So far, so standard.

But the feature that really made this bloggable was Music Insurance. Should you find yourself music-less through no fault of your own – a hard drive meltdown or having your MP3 player half inched perhaps – MyMobileMusic will replace all your purchases.

The tracks are compatible with Creative, Sandisk, Samsung and iRiver players along with selected Nokia, Samsung, LG and Virgin phones. As yet there’s no option to download direct to your mobile using 3G but I’m told it may follow. That might be a good thing, though, considering my previous blog about data charges…