My Macworld predictions

[intro]Will the Apple iPhone be launched at Macworld SF? I'm still not absolutely convinced. But I'm certain that there'll be some cool products…[/i

Macworld San Francisco kicks off on the 9th of January with Steve Jobs's keynote, and I'm heading out to California to cover it. As always, Apple is tight-lipped about what will be revealed, but that's not going to stop me making some predictions.

Here's what I think we'll see:

Software: updates iLife and iWork (perhaps with a new spreadsheet app)

iTunes: updated, with global movie store launches in 2007

Mac Mini: upgraded to Intel Core 2 Duo

Mac Pro: new 8-core high end model

iTV: more info on Apple's video streaming device which will go on sale in February or March. What'll it be called? Hmmm. Maybe iStream or Air-something. Airdock? Airpod?

So far, so easy. But now it gets difficult.

iPod Phone. There are so many rumours about this product that it's hard to believe it's not in the pipeline, but it's very possible it won't be launched at MacWorld SF. Don't get me wrong, I hope it does appear – and if it does, it'll likely be a pretty simple GPRS mobile that looks like an iPod Nano but has a slide down keypad. But I just have this feeling that it'll come later in the year.

iPod widescreen. This long-awaited device could be Steve's 'one more thing…' this time round, as it fits in so perfectly with the iTunes Movie Store and iTV devices. Will it have a touch-sensitive screen? And Bluetooth for audio streaming? I sure hope so.

iPod Hi-Fi. It's unlikely, but I reckon it's about time the iPod hi-fi featured wireless, either in the shape of an Airtunes Wi-Fi card or Bluetooth streaming from a new iPod.

MacBook Thin. This is the one I'm really hoping for, although the rumours trail seems to have gone a little cold. The idea is to produce a 12in MacBook Pro with a slimline case. I want one already.

So what do you think? Feel free to comment here or join our forum discussion.

I'll be reporting live from San Francisco next week and - wireless permitting - will be blogging live from the keynote, which takes kicks off at 9am EST on Tuesday 9th January - that's 5pm UK time by my reckoning.