My Gadget Life – Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer

Vic and Bob’s Afternoon Delights is on an internet near you now. The comedy duo talk failed inventions and Sky+ing cop shows

Vic Reeves: We’re of a generation that’s afraid of computers

Bob Mortimer: I’ve had an iPhone for two weeks and I sent my first email on it today.

Vic: On your phone? I’ve never done that and I’ve had mine for two years.

Vic: We’ve invented a few gadgets in our time. There was Licky Kicky the home security dog, the Walk Me Home Cheddar and Dietboard. That was never adopted because people found out about diets.

Bob: We didn’t have the power of advertising behind us. We just thought people would come and ask for them.

Bob: I couldn’t live without Sky+.

Vic: I like the IT Crowd and Stewart Lee but most stand-ups don’t really do it for me because I’ve already noticed everything that they point out. I spend more time watching cop dramas than comedy. I love Case Histories and Fringe.

Bob: Fringe used to be great but it went bonkers at the end of the last season.

Bob: Working online has give us a certain amount of freedom. We just did what we want.

Vic: It was like when we used to do Big Night Out. It could have been hours long. Just because a painting took six months to complete doesn’t mean it’s got to cost more than one that was quickly knocked up.

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