My Gadget Life – Vernon Kay

I’m definitely a gadget fanI think the way you can transfer information so quickly these days is unbelievable – but at the same time I lik

I’m definitely a gadget fan

I think the way you can transfer information so quickly these days is unbelievable – but at the same time I like having a physical document in front of me. I fold the pages over in Stuff to bookmark the kit I want to get next. I fancy trying out that Sony E Book reader. I wouldn’t mind a Nissan GT-R either. That’s a nice bit of kit.

My favourite gadget at the moment is an iKey USB recorder

I’ve got a set of Panasonic CDJs and a mixer at home. You plug the iKey into the mixer and whack a memory stick into the back of it. Everything that goes through the mixer is then recorded onto the memory stick. From there I can put my mix straight on my MacBook Pro and burn it to CD. People say Macs are too expensive but they’re so easy to use that what you save in time is just priceless.

I’ve just launched my new website

It’s not so much a website about me; more the stuff I’m into so Xbox Live is quite a big part of it. Call of Duty and Tiger Woods are my favourites games of the moment. Tiger is my hangover game. I just sit back, listen to the birds tweeting and hit a few balls.

I’m on the FIFA team when it comes to footy games

I play as Bolton. I hate it when people play as Man Utd just ‘cause they’ve got the best team. We all know that a game lasts a year, if not less, so to enjoy the longevity of it you’ve got to play your team and build it up. Give yourself a challenge. There’s no point jumping to the top and playing as Barcelona or United – that’s just rubbish.

Most celebs I know are into their tech

Chris Moyles is a total geek. He loves it. He spent a fortune on that R2D2 projector. Phil Babb who used to play for Liverpool and now runs Golf Punk magazine is always on the BlackBerry, iPhone or this that and the other. I play golf with Jamie Redknapp and Matt Dawson; they’re both teched-up to the max too.

Radio 1 is very pro social networking

We’re always being encouraged to get involved in things like Twitter. I’m a family man though; I like doing stuff. I like playing golf, spending time with my girls or going out with the lads. I haven’t got time to send a sentence to a website to tell people I’m on the loo. What’s the point? Why does anyone need to know that?

There’s not much I hate about technology

But If I hear a mobile phone go off on a train it really winds me up. Mine’s always on silent because I kinda like the vibration. I reckon a ringtone tells you a lot about a person.


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