My Gadget Life – Richard Herring

The tweeting, blogging stand-up tells us about his old Compaq handheld and why Kindle is king

I buy quite a lot of gadgets

Two out of three probably end up in drawers. My favourite is my iPhone; even back in the ’90s I bought Compaq and HP handheld PCs because I liked the idea of having everything in one place.

I was always interested in computers

But only from a games point of view. My parents got an Acorn Electron when I was a kid in the hope that I might use it for work – which is exactly how I justify buying gadgets now.

I got my first mobile phone in 1994

At that time there was still a feeling that it was the kind of thing only a w**ker would have. It happened with the iPad too. I think that feeling lasts until you get one yourself.

I’m a big fan of the Kindle

I remember in 1989 arguing with Stewart Lee about how all books would one day be on a computer. That you can now get any book ever written, anywhere in the world, is incredible.

Twitter trolls are a bit like hecklers

Sometimes I enjoy baiting them and just pulling them apart. It’s fun to point out when someone’s being a d**k.

Comedians need the internet

If it wasn’t for podcasts and my blog, I’m not sure I’d have had the second wave of my career.

The days of scheduled TV are almost over

There’ll be a point when either the TV will become the computer, or vice versa. TV has been important for a long time, but it already feels like an old-fashioned way of doing stuff.

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