My Gadget Life – Rastamouse

We chat to the stop-motion frontman of Da Easy Crew who solves crimes and plays music on BBC2, CBeebies and DVD

Mi ultimate gadget is a 1961 Realtone TR-1820 portable transistor radio from back in da day. But mi first ever was a Dansette Major record player. Da first time mi heard a record on dat was a definin' moment. Mi knew from dat day on, mi wanted to be a mousician [sic].

If mi had a Kodak Brownie 8mm movie camera den mi could get some crucial film ah da Crew next time we play Glasto. Dat would be wicked – Glasto was a blast. Phat riddims in da sunshine an' so many people wid so much love fi da Easy Crew.

Mi Cool Cruiser would have to be a 1967 VW Splitscreen camper van. Dat would fit all ah da band equipment in, mi Crew an' nuff nuff cheese fi da journey. But mi love dat ya can jump on an' off a skateboard in super quick time an' how, if ya wanna chill, ya can cruise pon da street in a laid back stylee.

Nah invented any gadgets yet. Fats is ya mouse fi dat kinda ting. He can mek anyting an' fix anyting, true dat.

In da Easy Crew, Scratchy rocks a vintage 1967 Fender Coronado II bass, Zoomer drums on anything he put him paws pon – da TV, da table, him legs. Da guitar dat mi play is a one off – proper unique – it's kinda a cross between a Gibson Explorer an' Flyin' V. Mi would never be widout it. Makin' music is one da most inspirin' tings ya can do in life. So it nah matter how, or wid what ya doin' it – wid iPad, wid GarageBand – cos all kindsa different music has da power to uplift ya spirits ... now dat is seriously irie man!

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